Collection: DC Mike Mo S Shoe

Carrying on from the release of Wes Kremer’s first pro model shoe on DC, we would like to introduce the new Mike Mo S, Mike Mo’s first Pro Model Shoe on DC.  This shoe is an example of a lot of different technologies put together in perfect harmony to create a very simple, yet extremely good and comfortable skate shoe.  The technical use of DC’s latest technologies come together to complement Mike Mo’s technical abilities on a skateboard, and provide him with some of the best tools available to improve his skateboarding experience.


The shoe’s upper is an example of “No Sew” technology, meaning the outer shell is constructed from one single piece of material, with only one seem right at the back.  This makes it hold its shape better with no seem splits, and the use of “Super Suede” makes the shoe very durable.  The shoe is further reinforced by a TPU (Thermo Plastic Polyurethane) backed super suede (the darker areas) with a heal counter to ensure your heel doesn’t slip out.  


Ventilation comes from a graduated perforation pattern that starts on top and wraps around the inside of your foot, as well as a die cut foam tongue with open cell mesh that is semi padded, making for a very breathable shoe.  It fits like a sock due to an internal mesh sleeve, that holds the foot in position along with a Ortholite sock liner that is impact resistant and moulds to the shape of your foot offering added support and cushioning.

Pill pattern cupped tread is a strategically designed tread pattern for grip, durability, and board control.  This combined with mid and out sole X shaped channels designed to create optimal flex where needed, adds to board feel.  The Uni Lite Midsole tops it off, with even more flexibility and cushioning to give this shoe great balance for an all round comfortable, yet very durable shoe.

The Mike Mo S is available in Black/Wheat at Trainers Skateboarding.  Come check them out.

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