Collection: akomplice

Akomplice is an innovative clothing line that pushes the boundaries with evolutionary styles and designs. Akomplice is a movement. It is characterised solely by the love inherent in each individual moment. The Philosophy is simple; Evolution through innovation.

Akomplice’s mission is to bring fresh concepts and artful expressions to heads across the globe. Their designs reflect the things that inspire us: nature, philosophy, hip-hop culture, cinema, art, politics, and music. “We want our ideas and images to make a positive impact, provoke thought, and communicate about issues that are affecting the world today. Making Akomplice into a profitable business that stays fresh, creative, and fun is one of our biggest goals. To us, true success is making clothing that we love, and that people love. Peace.”

At Trainers skateboarding we have just received a brand new delivery of some very exciting akomplice products.  Featuring matching shirt, short and cap combinations from their “magic” range, as well as their latest collaboration with XLarge.

Here we have a short, shirt and cap from the “magic” collection, featuring a very fresh forest-like feel and look. Very clean and tidy.

Next up we have an akomplice X XLarge collaboration!  In this collection a simple black and white shirt is transformed by an interesting forrest pattern in a orange and navy colour combination.  Get your piece of the “monkey wrench gang”.

Finally we have the yukon shirt, features and aztec type stylised pattern on the front, with solid coloured sleeves.  All akomplice clothing available in store, or online.

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