Collection: PRIMO! Magazine

With the recent release of our Spring 2012 Trainers Line we have seen ourseleves pop up on a few other blogs around, one of which being PRIMO! Magazine.

These guys are always on point with keeping Australia up-to date with fashion, music, culture and straight up cool shit, plus they’re local (Australian) even more of a reason to check it out.

So from Trainers to PRIMO! Magazine thanks for the love guys…be sure to peep them out here!
“Formed in the hopes of bringing the coolest things on the planet to you in one convenient place, PRIMO! magazine happened. With writers, and contributors alike covering topics from music reviews, up-and-coming clothing releases, kicks, and some retrospective views on the cool shit from the past, PRIMO! is everything you ever wanted, all in the one website.

Favoritize, Bookmark, and memorize it. PRIMO! magazine; Cooler than high-5’s and rocket ships.”

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