Collection: Monday Michael Mania!

After Recently purchasing the retro 3s (again) that were released i got to thinking.
We at Trnrs are pretty devoed we cant get the Jordan shoes that we desire for the store.
so we decided to give our own little tribute. From now on every monday we are just gonna put a little something up about the Greatest Of All Time.
so id like to welcome everyone to MONDAY MICHAEL MANIA making your monday’s a little easier.
And today we will leave you with this quote from Rod Thorn on Jordans entry to league.
“We wish Jordan were 7 feet, But he isnt.There Just Wasn’t a center avaliable. What can you do? Jordan isn’t going to turn this franchise around. I wouldnt ask him to. He’s a very good offensive player, but not an over-powering offensive player.
Rod Thorn, Chicago Bulls GM, After selecting Jordan in the 1984 NBA Draft

They looked at him with not tons of promise but then Jordan went above and beyond expectations. Didn’t just turn the franchise around but the entire league.

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