Collection: The Love Fountain…. Valentines day special

As alot of people know (im guessing everyone if you’ve missed you live under 2 rocks) today in Australia is Valentines day…….the day where St Valentine died for high tresom against his king for marrying couples in secrecy and was executed for it. But not before writing his lover a letter which he signed from your Valentine ultimately dying for what he believed in…Love….
SO today i thought id put up something many of us haven’t died for hope but have definatly taken broken bones bruises and cuts and probably some serious concussions.
So here for your viewing pleasure is a little tribute to Philadelphia’s famous “LOVE” park!
and ummm happy valentines day…..
Love Park SAGA (this one cool shows allt he pros that did cool tricks over the famous fountain gap.)

Phillys very own Stevie Williams little part from the same DVD at love park (tho i think ive put this up before but still great)

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