Collection: JAZZY JEFF BREAKDOWN (How to Wear a Starter Cap)

So today while we where sitting pondering about whos going to the NBA finals why flava flav does what he does and how awesome our new trnrs tees are.
i felt a slight discomfort in the way i wore my starter cap. After exhausting all options our how to fix it (pretty much adjust the snap and turn it from backwards to fowards then to backwards again) i knew there was no one else that could solve my problem other then the great
DJ JAZZY JEFF with his glorious break down…..(oh how i wish this was still on tv) CHECK IT OUT and bask in all the 90’s glory!!

Starter Commercial from 1992 (featuring DJ Jazzy Jeff)

Starter Commercial from 1993 (featuring DJ Jazzy Jeff and Rodney Dangerfield i even think janet jackson pops up at 0.19secs not sure though)

Starter Caps and Vintage 90’s Snap Backs avaliable instore!!!

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