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Frank151 Media Group, LLC is an internationally recognized, independent content creation and distribution company with headquarters in New York City and satellite offices in Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Barcelona.

The Frank Book is our pocket-sized quarterly publication. Every chapter of the Frank Book is helmed by a special Guest Curator and focuses on a unique editorial theme. Distributed to audiences in major metropolitan cities around the globe, you can find the Frank Book available for free through our proprietary, elite network in New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Seoul, Sydney, Johannesburg, London, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Copenhagen.

Our creative content and productions include: printed matter, digital destinations, branded merchandise and event marketing. And of course, our world-renowned flagship barbershop located in New York City’s Lower East Side—Frank’s Chop Shop.

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Located in New York’s Lower East Side, Frank’s Chop Shop is Frank151’s flagship barbershop, catering to the Modern Gentleman of Leisure. Patrons can come in for a haircut, a straight-razor shave, a fresh fitted, and the latest Chapter of the Frank Book. The Chop Shop serves as the intellectual hub and meeting place for many New York Kings FDL members, as well as League members visiting New York from out of state.

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