Collection: G.O.A.T – Our Little MJ Tribute

So being a sneaker store i guess we fall under the stereotype of loving Jordans and basketball and M.J…..Well guess what we do love exactly all that.
So here we begin our little tribute to the greatest of all time Shoes and basketball player Michael Jordan. 
The next few post we are just gonna let you into the legend that is Air Jordan 

We Love Little Michael

Even though he not small at all. Standing at 6ft 6 (by the way he dunk look at least 7ft 2) Jordan entered the league in the 1984 Draft. This Draft Class included players like Charles Barkley and John Stockton. Despite being the College player of the year Jordan was not the no1 pick but the 3rd pick of the 1st round.
little did Chicago know they had what will become one of the greatest players of all time.

Skipping forward Jordan won Rookie of the year and got a sports illustrated cover and voted Rookie Starter for the Allstar game that year. all with in the first few months of playing with the bulls with a 28.2 ppg average.
Fun Fact: in that allstar game players where openly expressing their jealousy of the attention Jordan was receiving and refused to pass the ball to him.

Within this time one of the most symbolic shoe was born.
Air Jordan 1s (Designed by Peter Moore)

Every time Jordan wore the original Black and Red color way he was fined $5000 (which he consistently wore anyways). He wore them in the play offs and dropped 63 points on Larry Bird and the Celtics in game 2 of the 85 Playoffs.

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