Collection: In The Frame: Sneaktip

Brand Manager, Marlon Raichel branched off to launch his private label, SneakTip in 2006. The Coney Island based company is a lifestyle brand delivering full fashion, accessories and product geared toward sneaker culture.

Only years ago, collecting active footwear was an underground cult of hobbyists who spent a majority of their time and money hunting for extremely rare releases of sneakers. Sneakerheads, as they are referred to, always had to have heads up on the sneaker market, staying on tip of future releases, thus the name SneakTip.

With the recent flow of commemorative releases, teared exclusive accounts and the retro phenomenon, maintaining a healthy ensemble of footwear has became a general mass standard. SneakTip pulls from the essence of New York’s rich, urban lifestyle-meshing its arts, history, icons and music to bring a sneaker infused T-shirt brand with substantial depth to successfully reach this new niche market.

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