Collection: Trainers Presents “The Temple Of Shred”

TEMPLE OF SHRED small                                  This Friday the 19th of September we are hosting a Vintage Skateboard Exhibition ( In memory of Jay Adams )

In association with LEVI’S (skateboarding collection)

Sponsored by DEF MFG CO, and Manual Magazine

Sascha Krueger, has been shredding in NZ since ’98 originating from German. Skating for over a quarter of a century by now and still loving it, hyped on the history of skateboarding and passing it on to the next generation and all of us who from time to time forget about “the good old days”. A true inspiration to collectors near and far is happily sharing his collection with all of us. Some of which may be puchased on the night!

It will be an exhibition of early NZ & Australian Skateboards from the late 70s to the early 90s, shining some light on a few skaters from our neighbourhood that helped put New Zealand on the map of international skateboarding, when most people didn’t even know where New Zealand was. The event is aimed to bring out all the geeks, pack rats and collectors, and everyone that has loved skateboarding since the day they started.

Come Take a trip down memory lane, and pay respects to the orignal rippers from past to present.

The exhibition will feature:

• A Collection of vintage Skateboard decks and Complete Set-Ups with many rare items

• Magazines, Posters and Imagery from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s from all around the world, including NZ’s early shredders.

• Videos ( ‘No more Heroes’ -NZ skate documentary, ‘Dogtown and the Z-Boys’ and the ‘Bones Brigade’ movie ) • Over 30 old-school Skateboard decks and Complete Set-Ups will be for sale on the night

• We will hold an auction on the night for a original Powell Peralta – ’89 Tony Hawk ‘Birdclaw’ complete setup,the proceeds are going towards the DEF Barcelona Trip.

• Some early NZ skateboarding memorabilia featuring (boards by Edwards, Trax, Apolloflex and riders like Lee Ralph, Andrew Morrison and more….)

•Two $5 Raffles to win one of two $500 LEVI’S Skate Price Packs.

•Vintage ABC & DEF skateboarding goods available on the night.


Where: Trainers SB, 5B high Street “the basement”, Auckland CBD.

When: Friday 19th of September Time: 6pm-10pm

What to bring: Cash for some sweet entries into draws, and also to purchase collectables. Your friends and family to share in this experience. Most of all yourself!


See you all this friday!

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