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At the end of last year Trainers skateboarding was introduced to Mohi Paul. Since that time Mohi has been making a mark in NZ skateboarding scene. Laying down some killer lines on Aucklands iconic skate spots. We have put together a little clip introducing Mohi to the Trainers team.

here is what Mohi has to say.

So your new to Auckland, what made you move up?

I got over driving to Auckland all the time so I waited until I got a job and made the move to the big smoke but no matter were you are there’s no place like home.

What has been your favourite spot that you have skated in auckland?

It would have to be eden park ledges I could stay there all day jus doin lines and singles

What do you like about the industry?

Being able to chill with Chey Ataria he’s a ledgend he should be in the hall of fame.

Who are you skating for?

DGK, Supra, Independent, Trainers skate shop, Grizzly grip tape and Gold wheels

Any cool parts you are working on?

Just always on the grind stacking footy just keep stacking and stacking that’s the buzz got to keep my sponsers happy

whats your Signature trick?

kick flips, bs kick flips, nollie kick flips, nollie fs kick flips, heelflips, fakie heelflips, nollie fs krooks, nollie bs krooks, kick flip fs nosegrinds, kick flip bs nosegrinds…… and the list goes on.

how far planning on taking your skating?

to the moon and back

who’s is your biggest influence?

my nan Nga tungaane Aupouri Brown QSM, and my papa Eruera Hamuera Brown MBE, my nan best cook in the world  and my papa hardest, starchiest, fittest man alive i love them to bits. My big brother Heemi Hamuera Paul if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be skating at all so yea chur chur my brother one love.

what video parts inspire you to take it to the next level?

Andrew Renalds stay gold, Brian Herman Baker has a death wish, Bastian Salabanzi really sorry, Tom Penny really sorry, LRG give me your money Chico, Rodrigo Lima lost tapes, t pudds big bang…….. 

Photographer – JP @soufskateboards

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