Collection: Levi’s Skateboarding Collection

For as long as i can remember, one name that has always been associated with quality denim has got to be Levi’s.  Their signature red tab sewn in under the belt line or pocket of various styles on denim and work pant, is seen everywhere in the world and especially in the skateboarding scene.  For over 30, Levi’s has been a popular choice of denim for all types of skateboarders.  Whether you shred a bowl, jump down huge gaps, or grind every thing with a sharp enough edge, levi’s have been there every step of the way with quality denim of all shapes and styles.  So it comes as no surprise that they guys have created a line of clothing especially for skateboarders.  The Levi’s Skateboarding Collection Re-imagines classic Levi’s styling focused on superior construction, durability and comfort.


Keeping this in mind, obviously we at Trainers Skateboarding were over the moon to be stock the new line of the Levi’s Skateboarding Collection.  Their attention to detail is impressive, with extra stitching to increase durability and the fit is great, with some of the tighter fitting products also have a bit of stretch to ensure comfort.

So for our first drop we’ve received a full range of pants, and the manual woven button up shirt.


Here we’ve got the Levi’s Skate Work Pants.  Available in Gold and Black.  Really nice fabric, and perfect lose leg fit without being too baggy.


For those who like the tight fitting denim, the Skate 510 in Black.  But don’t worry, they have a bit of stretch in them to ensure you can still do your tricks without restriction.


The Skate 511 in Rigid Indigo will give you a good slim fitting pant without being too tight.  The colour is beautiful and the stitching and detail are sure to make these your new favourite denim.  They are also available in a Wash Grey.


And Finally the Skate 513 in Navy (Pier 7) is the perfect slim straight pant, with enough leg room.  Really nice shape, for those who still like their pants to have loose fit and feel.  Also available in Rigid Indigo.


The final piece of our collection is the Skate Manual Woven Shirt.  Nice and thick to ensure longevity and cool colour way.

For these and many other like them, check out our website.

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