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Auckland’s Skate Ambassador Program is a scheme piloted by the Auckland City council during the school holidays, to promote respectful use of public space between enthusiastic young skateboarders, and the general public.  During school holiday periods, Auckland City is swarmed by young enthusiastic skateboarders, trying to make the most of the city’s unique landscapes, especially Aotea Square and Lorne Street Library.  Only one problem, these are two of the busiest and most populated areas.  So as you can imagine, young skateboards moving through these spaces very fast, doing kickflips down stair sets, grinding ledges, and the general public trying have a relaxing stroll, sometimes clash.  So finally the Auckland City council have stepped in with a program that aims to teach younger skateboarders to be respectful of those around them.

The council have turned to semi-retired pro skateboarder Chey Ataria, who has teamed up with Levi Hawken, known for his “nek minit” clip, to front the project and act as Skateboard Ambassadors.  They head out every day for about 3 hours to educate the younger generation of skateboarders on how to use public spaces responsibly and to respect the other users for a more harmonious experience.


So far the response has been good, and younger skaters have taking into consideration what has been said to them by their “hero’s”.  This will only better the general perception of skateboarders and enable them to have a wider selection of place to skate without the general public being disturbed and filing complaints.


Chey taking a second to show them how its done.

Young skater going big while Levi supervises.

National News interview.

Special thanks to Jan Farnworth for all the photo’s. Chur

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