Collection: Butter Goods

Butter Goods is 100% skateboarder owned and operated, manifesting and inspired out of skateboarding culture. Butter Goods was founded in 2008, as a result of seeing fewer and fewer clothing companies actually owned by skateboarders. Butter Goods began as a way to make clothing that we wanted to rock and have fun doing it along the way. No boundaries pushed, no gimmicks, just authentic skateboarding attire.

At Trainers Skateboarding we have just received our first delivery of brand new Butter Goods clothing.  This line includes various types and styles of caps and hats, and also a full range of their new shirts.  More to arrive in the future and will probably include pants, shirts, hoodies and other clothing and accessories.

Butter Goods Tribe 5 Panel Cap.


Butter Goods BDU Camo 5 Panel Cap


Butter Goods Gone Fishing 5 Panel Cap


Butter Goods Kuzich 6 Panel Cap


Butter Goods White Label Camo Bucket Hat

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