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This Friday the 3rd of May we are happy to release our NEW trainers apparel line. The line features seven Different shirt designs, two different crewneck prints, two pull over hoody colours and one zip up hoody. We are also putting out for the first time trainers apparel chino pant, available in black and khaki. The Trainers pant are a slim cut design with 1% stretch for your comfort.

Based in Auckland, Trainers Skateboarding started in 2012, suppling New Zealand with Skateboarding hardware and Apparel. With a full range of decks, trucks, wheels and everything else you may need an enjoyable skate experience, we also focus on looking the part, by providing people with apparel that is of a quality to endure everyday use, as this is the main inspiration behind the new trainers apparel line.

The trainers apparel line has been design with a simplistic yet visually aesthetic idea in mind. The graphics are clean cut with tie backs to skate / street culture.

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