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James Bond 007 Skyfall
James Bond Skyfall
i personally like most of the James Bond movies that are out. Despite others i also like Daniel Craig playing James Bond and the movies he has been in since then. Now comes the third instalment since Casino Royal (Daniel Craigs’ one) “SKYFALL”. till now we have only had pathetic little snippet trailers (disappointing) and you may have herd of the appearance he made in the London Olympics where “James Bond” escorts the queen from Buckingham palace to the the olympic games opening ceremony. If you haven’t seen that yet check it out i’m sure you can find it somewhere on youtube. Its pretty cool because its actually The real queen not an actor in the video (except for the parachuting part). Anywyas check the full trailer for the Bond movie “SKYFALL”. Which is set to release October 26. We can’t wait!

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