Collection: Quintin cap company introduces MARNOLD


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We have stocked Quintin cap company over the past few years, they have proven to be a great addition to our brand line up.

With all the caps made in the USA and the unique design they are now a staple product for anyone who is in streetwear /  BMX / skateboarding.

They are a must have for your daily rotation.

If you have ever jumped on there website you will see there amazing Skate and BMX team.

SOME of the Team includes;  Danny Supa, Sammy Baptista, Manny Santiago, Gabe Brooks, Jesse Whaley and Wolfman.

They have now gotten team together here in AUS.  Marc Arnold is one of the first additions to the team.

Check out his latest welcome to Quintin edit in the video below.

Down Under with Marc Arnold from Quintin Co. on Vimeo.

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