Adidas “Skate”

I’m happy to announce we have expanded our Adidas Skate range, so today we are going to give you a quick little review of one of the styles.
The Adidas shoe in the spotlight is called the “Skate”,
this is actually a reintroduced version of a 70’s “made-for-skateboarding” shoe by Adidas. Between now and then shoe technology has defiantly advanced, this shoe has incorporated some of the latest to give a clean and classic looking skate shoe while still maintaing comfort and support.
This shoe will be able to cover all your needs in the field of skating. The overall shoe design concentrates on minimising the look but maximising the support that you will have when you skate. The outcome is the adidas skate, an instant classic.
Some features include a pliable plastic C-shaped heel making it more stable for your foot and ankle.
For impact protection and comfort the Adidas Skate has incorporated a PU sock-liner along the bottom of the shoe. This sock-liner will absorb shock on hard landings and continue to feel good on the bottom of your foot.
This vulcanised piece also features a rubber cup sole for that little extra board feel and durability against grip wear and tear.
As well as the rubber cup sole, this shoe is a Suede upper with lots of ankle padding, all round it will out last any canvas constructed shoe when it comes to skating.
Though all this tech may make the shoe sound big, it actually is a very simple design which steers right away from the chunky skate shoes that can be seen around. It also holds its shape very well and having the bare minimums, makes the shoe exceptionally light weight.
These guys are aesthetically pleasing, that shoe that can go with you from on the skate park to everyday use.
Plus how can you go pass the iconic 3 stripes. For a Closer look and more angles of the shot, click the image above!

Available in 4 different colour ways for a low $109.95 here at
Tech 3/5
Aesthetics 4.5/5
Comfort 3.5/4
Overall we give this shoe a 4/5

not too big, not too slim, just right like the baby bears porridge. Perfect for a skate shoe but clean and classic looking with lots of comfort making it a perfect casual shoe.
till next time
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Nacho….No Dip Necessary!
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