Collection: MTOTW: Zero Heroes – XV

That time of the week again.This tape i got because the album cover is pretty cool but because i saw a track was produced by J. Cole which is probably my favorite artist/producer at the moment didnt really think much of it hadnt herd of the artist before but ii thought hey iif Cole would produce for him must be allright .
Little did i know my ears where instore for some of the coolest hip hop i have listened to since Mac Miller KIDS…
so im 100% suggesting everyone download this tape and you will probably be like me just consistently playing it!
he kinda has that Wiz/J.Cole/Lupe feel but blends it with his own thing with beats produced by Just Blaze, Seven and J. Cole.
so defiantly download download!
as usual just hit the image takes you to megaupload wait for the time down then download!

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