Collection: MMM: So Why The 23??

Have you ever wondered Why did michael out of every 2 digit number there is possibly to pic why did he choose to wear the now iconic

Well this tale dates back to when Jordan was in High School! Jordan had an older brother Larry (exceptional Ball player himself) who wore the number 45 during High School, Which was orignally was the number Jordan ALWAYS wanted. Jordan hit High School while his big bro was there. So he decided to come up with a new one……basically decided to half 45…..and ended up with 22.5 rounding that off to 23 (hi-5 for maths) which has stuck with him ever since. This also explains to you why he chose 45 when he came BACK to the NBA as 23 had been retired. So there you have it another mystery solved!!
Jordan with his older brother Larry (yeah the short dude)

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