Collection: MTOTW: Rawth EP: Nottz Raw x Asher Roth

Okay so you may remember Asher Roth from his Hit Single back in the day “I Love College”.
I personally thought it was a very lame song and he was allright as a rapper.
Now he has teamed up with the producer Nottz Raw (may remember he produced a song with drake “One More Time” great song if you have not herd it) to put out the Rawth EP.
To be honest  i am throughly in pressed the tape is only 8 songs deep wich is dissapointing because you finish and wish there where more songs.
the whole tape has a great back pack/Talib/gethito feel and is throughly refreshing to here.

All in all Nottz and Asher make a good team! If you liked mac miller and mos def and talib  then Definatly worth the like 3 minutes it takes to download.

Click the image to download

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