Collection: Spotted – Chris brown – Trainers Singlet

So we Recieved our new Trainers singlets a few weeks back, as soon as we got them we used our contacts and was able to ship some out to the small town of Tappahannock Virgina. Now who is this lucky you may ask??? Well we sent it to Young Money member Chris Brown! (some of you may recall bow wow spotted with the trainers Tee)

So after we sent it we tracked it to find out when he recieved it but got no thank you phone call no signed merchandise, used tissue or anything back.

Few days later we recieved an email from his manager Tina Davis with a lovely letter and this pic attached from a gossip site of chris at a recent pool party.

Thats Chris wearing the Trainers tank (a reall small one!) she said she would keep us upto date when he wears it again for us But she also asked us to plug his latest vid clip because our blog is where its “poppin”….
Singlets avaliable NOW
so for you Tina here is Yeah 3x by chris brown

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