Collection: Michael Jordan – G.O.A.T. – pt. 2

The Second Installment of our little Jordan tribute.
Picking off where we left despite Jordan dropping 63 points against the Celtics in game 2 of the playoffs. The Bulls did not come home with a championship Ring. That series though was called one of the best playoffs ever to happen in the NBA. So ended ’85 and a new season was upon them and with this new year came a new Air Jordan Shoe was to come from Nike.

Air Jordan 2s (Designed by Bruce Kilgore)

BUT wait what’s this designer Bruce Kilgore decided to take the Nike Swoosh off the Nike shoe. He introduced to the world the Jordan 2. Daring to remove the swoosh, maybe but the Jordan name had risen above it. The Designed detailed iguana-print leather and polyurethane midsole. The shoes were also manufactured and materials sourced in Italy.
This shoe is also the shoe that Jordan jumped from the free-throw line winning his first NBA Dunk Contest and creating his new stamp for shoes to come, the jump man logo.

In the season (1986-87) Jordan blew the league away by being 1 of only 2 players (Other being Wilt Chamberlin) ever to score over 3000 points in a season and having the league high of 37.1 ppg. He also showed his defensive power being the first player ever with over 200 steals and 100 blocks in a season.
Once again the bulls went to the finals but where defeated by the Celtics but this was only the beginning.

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