Collection: SUPRA TUF!

So what is supra tuf? you may ask when you come in store.
i think people have been underesimating these shoes. TUF is the special upper material that the Supra footwear company use.
The material is meant to be the toughest in a shoe. Making them ideal for skating in.

Click link below and watch as Chad Muska explains the show 
“Chad Muska -TUF”
The Testimonials
“In 20 years of skating, I’ve never had the upper outlast the rubber outsole… until I skated these.”
Chad Muska

“I normally go through my shoes within 2-3 days of skating them… I skate these for 3 weeks and couldn’t bust through them.”
Erik Ellington

“Pretty amazing technology. I like the fact that you can now design a true white shoe in something other than full-grain leather, but with the performance of suede.”
Tom Penny

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